Have a good look around you this November. Do you notice that more men have moustaches? It may be because it’s Movember! Read more about this unusual charity event here.

It’s Movember! No, it’s not a spelling mistake. Moustache + November = Movember! Every year in November millions of men around the world grow moustaches to raise money for charity and to help people learn about men’s health issues such as certain types of cancer and mental health.

What happens in Movember? A man who wants to participate in the Movember event starts with a clean face on November 1st and then he grows a moustache for the next 30 days. A man who doesn’t shave for Movember is called a ‘Mo Bro’ (short for Moustache Brother!). He registers on the official website, Movember.com, and he asks his family and friends to sponsor him. If you sponsor a Mo Bro you agree to give him money if he keeps his moustache until November 30th. As well as collecting money for cancer and mental health charities, the idea is that the new moustaches will help to start conversations that help people to learn more about men’s health.

A typical Movember conversation might go like this:

– You’re growing a moustache, aren’t you?

– Yes, I am. Would you like to know why?

– Yeah. Why?

– I’m a Mo Bro.

– A what??

– A Mo Bro. I’m growing a moustache to raise money for cancer charities. Have you heard of Movember?

– Well I …

Is Movember just for men? A Mo Bro is a man. What do you call a woman who contributes to the Movember event? A Mo Sista (‘sister’) of course! Mo Sistas can also register on the Movember website and participate by raising money and awareness. Mo Sistas can organise Movember parties to collect money, or they can buy a ticket for one of the Movember Gala parties. Gala parties are held all over Britain. People who collect more than 80 pounds are given free tickets or you can buy tickets for about 5 pounds. Everyone dresses up for a Movember party and there are prizes for the best (and worst!) moustaches as well as awards for the bestdressed Mo Bro and Mo Sista couple. There are also sponsored runs in cities around Britain including Glasgow, Manchester and London. Anyone, male or female, can buy charity products, such as T-shirts, caps and bracelets, from the official online Movember store.

Movember started in Melbourne, Australia in 2003. The organisation has grown over the years and more than 3 million people from 21 different countries have participated in this annual event. In 2012, 1.1 million men and women around the world joined in. They raised 92 million pounds for this extremely popular charity organisation. The 2012 UK Movember campaign raised 27 million pounds. This money has funded prostate cancer research at institutions across Britain including Cardiff University, Sheffield University and the University of Ulster.

  1. Check your understanding: true or false

Circle True or False for these sentences.

  1. ‘Movember’ is a spelling mistake. True False
  2. Men grow moustaches in November to collect money for charity. True False
  3. A Mo Bro is a ‘motorbike brother’. True False
  4. Women can participate in Movember. True False
  5. You can win a prize at a Movember Gala party. True False
  6. You have to buy a T-shirt if you go to a Movember party. True False
  7. Movember started in Britain. True False
  8. The money collected from Movember helps with cancer research. True False
  9. Check your vocabulary: matching

Match to complete the expressions. Write a – h next to the numbers 1 – 8.

1…….. to raise money                   a. an event

2…….. to grow a                           b. a party

3…….. to shave off                       c. cancer research

4…….. to sponsor someone          d. a website

5…….. to register on                     e. a moustache

6…….. to dress up for                   f. moustache

7…….. to participate in                 g. for charity

8…….. to fund                     h. to do something

  1. Check your grammar: multiple choice

Circle the best answer to complete these sentences.

  1. A Mo Bro starts / start / to start with a clean face on November 1st.
  2. He grow / is growing / grows a moustache for the next 30 days.
  3. A Mo Bro doesn’t shave / doesn’t to shave / is not shave in November.
  4. You grow / Your growing / You’re growing a moustache, aren’t you?
  5. People who collects / collect / is collecting more than 80 pounds can have a free ticket.
  6. There are / is / be prizes for the best moustaches.
  7. The money go / to go / goes to cancer research.
  8. Do you know anyone who’s growing / grow / to grow a moustache this November?


Had you ever heard of Movember?

Do you like the idea?

Are there any similar events in your country to raise money for charity?

Prepared by English teacher Bandurka T.I.

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